Alae Swords by Jack Loomes
Alae Swords was founded by Jack Loomes, graduate of the University of New England (B.A. European Literature). The focus of his studies was the Roman way of war through primary texts and artifacts. ​​Alae Swords put that research into each sword; each is history by reconstruction.

Alae Swords use only Australian materials and workmanship (proudly made in NSW, Australia) and aim to provide affordable swords with the features and attributes that normally could not be expected except on much higher priced swords.

Steel utilised is Australian 5.4mm 1075 AISI laser cut and heat treated (50RWC & tempered) by an Industrial Guillotine Maker. The blank is then profiled, distally tapered and honed to appropriate edge geometry by hand by Bill Blake. Grips are made of Tasman Oak, a variety of Eucalypt​​​​ renowned for its toughness. Leather is vegetable tanned Kangaroo, the lightest and strongest weight for weight. Brass is Australian, of the finest quality. We use two tonne epoxy and construction adhesive for gluing. All swords are peened, countersunk and harmonically balanced.

Alae Swords' specialty is Byzantine Swords, a much neglected niche.